About us


The core of what we are doing is not perfecting people or making people of our culture become something they're not but it is to bring the greatness out of them and meet them where they are at. We don't believe in a perfect path in health we believe in taking it step by step and with those small steps it'll make so much impact in our world! Whether people are taking seamoss gel, taking seamoss gummies one day at a time or talking about the things they are learning from our brand we are towards the right direction! We want you to meet us one person and leave with our products a better version of you !


Vegan Tingz began during the pandemic. Me being vegan did not. In my early years I was bullied for my weight for being on the heavier side and because of that I hurt myself with different diets and suffered from eating disorders. One evening I had dinner with a good friend and he mentioned veganism and led me into becoming more health conscious and fall utterly in love with cooking vegan dishes.

During the pandemic I had a lot of free time and decided to make a instagram and post my cool dishes and health memes which led into people asking me to cook for them. A good friend asked for a menu I DID NOT HAVE so I made one and posted it. Over 50 people reposted and I began VEGAN TINGZ INC. I eventually decided to add fruit infused seamoss gel because I was using it myself for a while and understood the importance which led into working with a few people in creating the incredible seamoss gummies. Why  fruit infused SEAMOSS gel or why SEAMOSS gummies?

So people can enjoy being healthy, not everyone is ready to go all in and thats ok, You don't have to be vegan to do Vegan tingz !