About our CEO

Rosemarie was born and raised in the bronx in humble beginnings. Low income housing and being exposed to the things she was exposed to gave her no other choice but to be optimistic and a fighter. Optimistic towards the fact you can make it out of those circumstances and a fighter in a sense of fighting for what you knew you deserved, Rose FOUGHT. Fought to become better than what she saw.
She always worked hard and invested her whole self into things she loved and believed in. Lived by the motto life is not about living for you but living to impact the lives of those around you and knew that everything she went through wasn't for her but to inspire someone else to live out their dreams and become better. Struggling with her weight and low self esteem due to bullying decisions and life led her to falling inlove with health and wellness and going plant based.
Cooking Vegan dishes and always being creative in the kitchen is a form of therapy and that tends to shine through her food and products.